The REPORTAGE of my life

When I was little, my father owned a small business in our hometown for which he had chosen the unusual name of REPORTAGE.
At the time I had absolutely no idea what it meant, but I somehow associated it with war and hence it seemed to have a negative connotation for me. In fact, on the news, I often heard the impeccable and heartless reporters speak of conflicts, war and tragedies in their REPORTAGE .... and so I grew up with that false impression!
Growing up, that writing on the wall stopped obsessing me, maybe because I had to move elsewhere, and that marked the beginning of a new obsession….the obsession with TIME!
Back then, I wasn’t aware yet that these two words would eventually have left their mark on my life.
Since the age of 16 I used to enjoy taking pictures, even though I hadn’t yet understood the power and magic of photography. The more pictures I took, the more I realised that I could actually stop TIME, even if only for an instant. I could stop and live that moment through a photograph…. forever! Do you understand the meaning of forever? Incredible! I was experiencing things in life that I wished to remember, knowing full well, however, that my memory would have forgotten them in time. TIME would have inexorably obfuscated my memory. And so, amidst illusion and obsession, with my “Time Machine” in hand, I began to experiment. From street photography, to the first commissioned works; Sicily – my homeland –a fantastic scenario overflowing with inspiration...the People, with all their marvellous biodiversity! And so, with an ever growing curiosity to discover the World, I set out on my first trips; after all, in order to understand what we really like, it is necessary to gain knowledge, to communicate and to experiment…
During each trip, my photographic diary recorded what I was learning and what I was experiencing…a true and proper story, except for the fact that  no words were necessary.
This particular way of recounting facts, regarding a particular topic or  experience, already had a name -  journalists called it REPORTAGE.
So my memories go back in time…to when I was little… to when my father had given that place such a  strange name...
The shattering of my certainties allowed me to finally comprehend the world concealed behind that odd word.  Photography had become my travel journal.
Thanks to my obsession to stop TIME, in a split second, I became capable of transforming the ephemeral into eternal.
And my world just opened up….
In this infinite panorama, I approach the world of  Ceremony Photography, in particular that of  Weddings, having mastered the art after a long training period: as in a journey, I recounted my experiences through the emotions reflected on the faces of  the people I photographed. The passion in a "Yes", the solemn pledge of everlasting love -  emotions which only Photography can commemorate in Time.
profilo2My passion then extends from Wedding Photography  to Set Photos, capturing moments on stage and backstage…where the real magic unfolds…where true emotions come to life, where the actors’ anxieties clash with reality, giving rise to an idyll.
And finally, a more recent passion – Interior Photography.
Well, yes… with each trip I came to realise that whichever part of the world I’d be visiting, no place would ever be like home.
I came to understand the importance of a familiar environment,   and I got the same feeling every time I thumbed through Interior Design magazines, finding myself thrown into another reality.
I decided that even I wanted to make other people dream, and so I specialised in Interior Photography for Architects, Interior Designers, stores and private home owners.
And I could go on and on, telling you about my various photo shoots, my stint in photojournalism, my projects, my exhibitions, and so many other things….but of all the things I have explored through photography, I prefer to conclude this short story of my life with the memory of the people who have stirred my emotions, even by simply looking at me from the other side of the lens…
Noemi Commendatore